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Enhancing a retailer's data storage and protection.

Our hybrid storage solution provides improved levels of data security, back-ups and transfer speeds. 

Ethos have had a long-standing relationship with the client for over 10 years.

The client had a large amount of data on-site, with another on-site unit for data back-ups which were being run daily by scripts. All data was backed-up onto USB drives to take off-site as a preventative measure in case the on-site units failed or were destroyed.

In addition, data was constantly being manually transferred at slow speeds. This was extremely time-consuming and often resulted in a duplication of work as data was being transferred that had already been backed-up. Furthermore, as this was done manually, it was a huge business risk to the organisation.

We implemented RackTop: a hybrid storage solution of both physical and cloud storage - managed by an easy-to-use interface. The system uses Government level encryption on Disk providing fast transfer speeds as well as the highest level of data security.

The RackTop solution provides the client with the on-site storage that is required for fast, reliable access. The cloud solution provides them with real-time data synchronisation, back-ups and access to their off-site agencies to work directly from the cloud storage. This is all accessible from a simple-to-use software interface to create, manage and execute back-ups and retrieval schedules.


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