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Compliance with industry and legal regulatory standards, such as GDPR, are of significant importance.


As part of our Cyber Risk Score Platform, we provide you with a report on your organisation's percentage score compliance level against current regulations and best practices.

We do this by correlating our findings within the report to industry open standards. The cross-correlation capability then measures the compliance level of a company for various regulations based on the input given - saving you a lot of time and effort.

Report-Third-Party Risk

Third-Party Risk

Knowing the compliance level of your third parties is important for your Cyber Risk management.

Our non-intrusive Cyber Risk Score Platform has the ability to assess the compliance levels on any third-party, supplier or business partner.

Report-Compliance level

Financial Impact

We use the recognised FAIR™ model to calculate the probable financial impact to you resulting from a cyber breach on a third-party as a monetary value.

Report-Technical Grade

Technical Grade

We review, rate and grade the underlying technical infrastructure of your third parties and automatically highlight areas for review and improvement

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