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Cyber Risk and Security reporting is on everyone's Board Meeting agenda.


However, many security issues get 'lost in translation' when reported back.

Using the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™) model, Ethos' Cyber Risk Score Platform calculates the probable financial impact and risk to your organisation in case of a cyber breach, and translates it into quantitative business terms using pounds and pence.

Transforming 'security language' into business language' - a game changer in Cyber Risk and Security reporting. 

FAIR™ has become the only International standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for Cyber Security and operational risk.

Report-Third-Party Risk

Third-Party Risk in financial terms

Using the FAIRTM model, Ethos' Cyber Risk Score Platform also calculates the probable financial impact to your organisation if anyone within your network - third-party, supplier, business partner - experienced a breach. 

Translated into quantitative, easy to understand, business terms, this allows you to assess the risk a third-party poses to your business in a cost-effective manner. 

Report-Compliance level

Compliance Level

Our Cyber Risk Score Report translates your organisation's compliance level against current regulations and best practices, e.g. GDPR. 

Giving you a percentage score against industry open standards allows all C-level executives to understand the ROI of their Cyber Risk and Security investments.

Report-Technical Grade

Technical Grade

Our Cyber Risk Score Platform can review, rate and grade your underlying technical infrastructure and automatically highlight areas for review and improvement - helping remediate issues and mitigate risks. 

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