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Translating highly technical terms to business language can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Ethos' Cyber Risk Score Platform is a non-intrusive report that does all of its work using just a URL or domain name, without modifying any assets.

Using MITRE's Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment Framework, our Cyber Risk Score Platform identifies the risk, risk score of the corresponding vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and attack patterns - to help identify and mitigate potential Cyber Security risks. 

The data is then compiled into a simple, readable report that can be presented to all executives with letter grade scores for 20 Cyber Risk categories. 

Report-Third-Party Risk

Third-Party Risk

Using just a URL or domain name, the Cyber Risk Score Platform can evaluate your third-parties technical grade in a non-intrusive manner. 

Based on MITRE's Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment Framework it identifies the risk your third-parties pose and presents it in a way that's easy for all to comprehend. 

Report-Compliance level

Compliance Level

Our Cyber Risk Score Platform gives you a percentage score compliance level against current regulations and best practices in one single report.

This cross-correlation capability automatically measures the compliance level of a company for different regulations based on potential security risks - saving you a lot of time and effort.

Report-financial impact

Financial Impact

Our Cyber Risk Score Platform also includes a report on the probable financial impact a cyber breach could have on your organisation using the  recognised FAIR™ model.

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