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Continuously monitoring the Cyber Risk third parties pose can be time-consuming.

Ethos' Cyber Risk Score Platform identifies which of your third parties are most susceptible to a cyber breach or attack, and pose the highest risk to your organisation, on a continuous and automated basis.

Focusing on the probable financial, compliance and technical impact a cyber breach to a third-party would have - the non-intrusive report does all of its work using just a URL or domain name.

This is presented in a simple, easy to understand dashboard with direct alerts for any changes to risk levels, that can be shared with your third parties.

Helping you to monitor the impact of a cyber breach to your entire organisation in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Report-financial impact

Financial Impact

Using the recognised FAIRTM model, Ethos' Cyber Risk Score Platform calculates the probable financial impact a cyber breach to a third-party could have on your organisation.

Presented as a quantitative report, this allows you to assess the risk a third-party poses to your business in a cost-effective manner. 

Report-Compliance level

Compliance Level

Ensuring all organisations within your network are compliant is of significant importance. 

Our Cyber Risk Score Platform has the ability to assess the percentage score compliance level of your third parties against current regulations and best practices. 

Report-Technical Grade

Technical Grade

Based on MITRE's Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment Framework, our Cyber Risk Score Platform can review, rate and grade your third parties underlying technical infrastructure.

Done in a non-intrusive manner, it also has the ability to automatically highlight areas for review and improvement - helping remediate issues and mitigate risks. 

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