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With 92% of malware delivered by email*, email-borne Cyber attacks interrupt business operations, cause financial damage and compromise business integrity.

Ethos' Email Security Solution protects your business with multiple layers of protection, that includes all aspects of your email infrastructure, including gateway defence, email resiliency, fraud protection and user security awareness.

*CSO Online


Virus Protection
Email and file scanning using three layers of polymorphus scanning technologies. 

Spam Protection
Central-enabled screening for known spammers and malware domains. 

Anti-fraud intelligence, sender spoofing detection, and domain name validation. 

Link Protection
Intelligent detection of malicious URLs. 

Typosquatting Detection
Active URL screening against fraudulent lookalikes of genuine sites. 


Denial of Service Attack Prevention
Protection against malware designed to cripple or disable networks.

Email Spoofing
Up to 96 hours of spoofing to ensure email delivery in case of server or connection failures.

Automated Email Encryption
Simplified key management using 256-bit AES encryption and SMTP over TLS.

Outbound Filtering
Filtering against botnet spam and outbound attacks originating inside the network. 

Data Loss Prevention
Policy-based screening of credit card numbers, SSNs, and other sensitive content.