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We all know someone who has lost their business device.


For most businesses, this means lost data, money and a higher risk of a cyber breach or attack.

Ethos' Network and Application Security Solution protects your website and applications from advanced cyber-threats with remote access to on-premise apps, without the need to install and maintain VPNs, make code changes or deploy additional infrastructure. 


Protect your critical data

Our Network & Application Security Solution help you protect your critical data by allowing you to:  

  • Track, analyse and report on user activity around business-critical and sensitive data.
  • Receive real-time alerts and insights into user behaviour and automatically detect when a user's behaviour changes. 
  • Identify individual users who present a security threat and receive a full forensic audit of user activity.

No need for VPN

Enable your remote employees to access on-premises apps from anywhere without relying on a VPN.

The App Gateway feature of our Network & Application Security Solution works out of the box, so there is no need to make any code changes or deploy additional infrastructure.